Why Us?

We thought the best way to explain “why us” is by
first explaining “why not them.”

Who’s “them”, you might be asking?

Credit repair companies with a one-size-fits-all type of service (often referred to as “credit mills” because of how they do things – carelessly and quantity-driven, not quality-driven).

You’ve probably seen them on television or on those annoying online popup ads. They’re usually wearing bad suits with bad haircuts and they typically carry the name of a law firm.

There’s many flaws with these types of companies, but the worst thing about them is…

Credit Bureauss see them coming from a mile away

When these “credit mills” send out disputes, they have one templated style letter they use for all clients. They churn out thousands of these letters at the touch of a button.

And, in most cases, they get flagged by the credit bureaus. See, credit bureaus have a technology called OCR (optical character recognition) that helps them recognize these templated letters.

Because they know that these credit mills are computerized and don’t follow up on their work, they brush them off.

You may have a legitimate dispute, but because there’s thousands of disputes coming in with the same letter, it’s not effective.

The credit mills don’t mind because they’ve collected their fee. Plus, they have thousands of new clients coming in every month because of their extremely low fee.

Think your case will be handled with any degree of care? You’d be correct in thinking not.

9 Ways Computerized “Credit Mills” Actually Harm Your Credit

We want to quickly point out 9 of the most important ways these companies are actually a disservice to you and your credit score:

  1. Your case is handled carelessly. Your letters of dispute should be mailed via “certified” or “certified return receipt requested”. This is the only way to enforce the creditor replying to the dispute in a timely manner. Many of these mills fail to do this.
  2. You’re billed for doing your own work. Some of these mills even require you to fill out your own disputes and letters! Sure, they give you a template to download (how nice of them), but you’re left to do the work! You’re being charged every month to repair your own credit!
  3. They charge you more by drawing out the process. Another way these monstrosities get you is by only disputing only a limited number of negative accounts at a time. This way, they can justify charging you again next month. And the month after that.
  4. They’re not thorough. Plus, most only dispute with the 3 credit reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian). Wait… What about the lesser-known bureaus, check systems, your creditors, collection agencies, or courthouses? Nope.
  5. They don’t fight for you. A lot of these companies only ask for verification of the negative items. This isn’t nearly enough. All the creditor has to do in order to “verify” the negative item is send back some company letterhead with your name on it. That’s not even close to being a proper investigation!
  6. They pull you in through unlawful, hypey, unrealistic guarantees. Legally, credit repair companies aren’t supposed to guarantee a particular outcome. Sadly, many of them do. And hardly any of them live up to it, and because of their nominal fee, they figure you won’t take action against them.
  7. You get punished for their misrepresentations of the truth. Some of these companies will lie to the credit bureaus on your behalf, thus getting the negative item(s) temporarily removed. Once they’ve collected your money for their services and the credit bureaus do some investigation to verify their false claims, that item will show up on your report again months later. Think the credit mill will fight it for you again? No chance.
  8. They let creditors get away with murder. Most credit mills don’t look for any number of illegal activities creditors take part in on a daily basis. Things like re-aged accounts. This is an illegal practice many creditors do where they take a negative account that’s been on your credit report for several years where the statute of limitation is almost up, and instead of removing it (which is what they’re supposed to do), they sell it to another creditor for a deep discount (at least they got something for it). When the new creditor picks up the account, the clock is reset, and your score remains to suffer for another X years.
  9. They only do 20% of what they should do (and they don’t do very well at that). Most credit repair companies only focus on payment history, which is only 1 of 5 factors that make up your credit score. They only dispute negative items (and do poorly at that).

From what we see, the only positive thing about these credit mills is that they’re cheap. But, like they say, you get what you pay for. Because of their low price, they’re forced into doing things en masse. It’s a sucker’s game. Hopefully you haven’t been reeled in already.

“So… How are you different”

Fantastic question.

Do you think:

“I’ve seen one credit repair company, I’ve seen them all.”

If you’re thinking this, unfortunately, in most cases, you’d be correct. This is because most credit repair companies are like what we’ve described above. They’re all about quantity, not quality. If they can collect a low enough fee from enough people – they’ll get rich.

Enough about “them”.

We’re happy to say – we’re nothing alike.

Here’s a few of the top reasons your credit score is safe in our hands:

  • We give you a customized service. A real person with a real name will be handling your case, and they’ll follow it through to the furthest extent possible. We write custom letters (that the creditors don’t see coming) and understand that no two cases are alike – they each must be handled their own way. Computers have difficulty with this.
  • We’re extremely thorough. Not only do we ask for verification of the negative items, we ask for validation, proof, contract, and whatever else we need to ask for to make sure your negative marks are legit within 100% of the law.
  • We take your time seriously. We work on all of your accounts at once from day one and have an average completion date of 6 to 9 months. We want you to send your friends our way, so the faster we can repair your credit, the faster we can get to them.
  • We’re relentless so you can relax. We follow your case to the end of the earth until we’ve exhausted every resource. The representative assigned to your case is given the freedom to stick with it until it’s done.
  • We don’t let anything slip. We can spot illegal activity from creditors (like re-aged accounts, etc.) a mile away, and we know exactly how to deal with it.
  • We optimize 100% of your credit score. (Not just payment history.) Not only do we do a great job at disputing negative items, but we also help you establish new credit, boost your current score, and more.
  • We don’t claim to be magic. What we do isn’t a “hookup”. We don’t take part in sketchy practices nor do we make promises we can’t keep. We just have a clear understanding of the law and how to apply it to each particular case. And we take a human, customized, thorough approach to everything we do.
  • We’re fully transparent. If you choose to work with us, you’ll get immediate access to an online account where you can keep an eye on what we’re doing 24/7 for as long as we’re handling your case. And you can call us any time. Yes, we actually answer our phones.