How we Work

The no-nonsense explanation of how we’ll work hand-in-hand to repair your credit

A great first step – Free Consultation

Our clients often find it best to schedule a free consultation as a first step. This is a no-strings-attached “first date”, if you will, to make sure we’re a good fit. If you decide to move forward with us, great, but even if not, you’ll walk away from the call with a plan that you can put into action immediately. However, if you’d like to move forward with our services, here’s what you should know…

Let’s talk price…

You’re a busy person. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

The initial investment in order for us to review your credit report, prepare all of your disputes, and set up your account is $179/Silver Plan or $279/Gold Plan.

You’ll then pay a monthly maintenance fee of $99month/Silver Plan or $129month/Gold Plan.

We’re definitely not the most expensive option. And we’re not the cheapest. But we’re the best value for your dollar.

If you’re not serious about repairing your credit or need a miracle (like needing your credit repaired in 48 hours or something), we’re probably not your people.

But, if you understand how important it is to have a solid credit score in today’s credit-driven society and want to work with dedicated people (not computerized “credit mills”) to accomplish this…

We look forward to working with you!

Here’s what you can expect once you’re up and running:

We’ll start by monitoring things.

First off, we encourage you to sign up for a credit monitoring service with a 3rd party (approx $20/month), if you don’t already have it. This way, we can stay fully updated and make sure your credit is improving, and if it’s not, we can pay attention to the areas of greatest concern. (If you don’t have monitoring, we’ll have to constantly run inquiries on your credit report, which can lower your score.)

Note: We have you do this with a 3rd party so we can fly under the radar.

We’ll hit the ground running.

We dispute all negative items on day one. Many credit repair companies only dispute a few items per month (this is how they charge you more). Not us. Our goal is to get your credit score repaired as quickly as possible so you tell your friends about us.

You deserve full transparency.

While we’re working on your case, you can log in anytime and see:

  • How many negative items you started with
  • How many items have been deleted from their credit report
  • How many items are still pending on their credit report
  • What their updated credit scores are
  • How many days they have left in each round (credit bureaus legally have 45 days to respond to any given dispute)

And now, for your part (which we make super easy)

When we dispute an item for you, you’ll receive a letter in the mail back from that agency with correspondence. It’s vital that we see that correspondence so we can best determine how to move forward. We make it easy for you to quickly scan, upload, or fax it to us so we can get cracking on those next steps as quickly as possible (thus, saving you time and money).

We’re relentless

If we dispute a negative item and hear back from the creditor saying that it’s been verified and will remain on your credit report, we don’t stop there. We’ll dispute it again using different methods. We typically have at least a few different angles we can take on each dispute. We remain a thorn in their side until we’re sure they’ve (lawfully and correctly) done their job. We’ve even gone so far as writing the Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, etc.

A last resort

If, after exhausting all of these options, the negative mark remains on your credit report, we have an ace up our sleeve to take care of those last few items that won’t go away. It’s called “Pay-To-Delete”. Here’s how it works:

Lets say you’re looking to qualify for a mortgage in 6 months. After 4 months of service with us, you find that you’re left with a few items on your credit report that are legally and justifiably negative and will remain on your credit report (you messed up – we all do it). We can offer the creditor a “Pay-To-Delete” to get these removed.

This is different than you settling the account on your own with them. Unfortunately, when you do it (if they even let you), even if you pay them, it still shows “Settled for less than full amount.” This still doesn’t look good.

Having us do a Pay-To-Delete is like hiring an attorney to represent you in court as opposed to representing yourself. We make sure those items are gone and dance the professional dance to make sure this happens (just like in court, a lot of your success depends on presentation).

Our Track Record

  • The average case takes between 3-6 months.
  • Right now, we’re at an overall average 76% deletion rate. Not bad.
  • Our clients are seeing an average of between 80 – 127 point increase within the first 60 days of service
  • We stand behind our work. Check out our famed triple-warranty.

Note: The above figures are not guaranteed. They’re merely averages (but really good averages if we do say so ourselves).

We can’t wait to repair your credit

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