How It Works

Leaf Credit Repair uses a simple system to help you improve your credit score and credit history. Your name will be added as an Authorized User to select credit card accounts that have a high limit and a low balance. All selected credit cards are guaranteed to have a perfect history of timely payments and no negative remarks.

Once your name has been added, you will receive the benefit of being associated with the selected credit card account. Credit cards in our program are used for the sole purpose of adding clients as Authorized Users, so you are never at risk based on someone else’s spending habits.

Additionally, you will not be able to use the credit card(s) to which your name has been added. You will not have the authority to make any changes to the account, and you will never have the responsibility of making payments to the account.

Understand Authorized User Accounts

Credit card companies provide the ability to add authorized users so that family members of friends could have access to the primary account holder’s credit line. One side benefit of being added as an Authorized User is that the primary account holder’s history appears on the Authorized User’s credit report. This means that the history associated with the selected credit card, on which you will be assigned as an Authorized User, appears on your credit report.

When the credit card appears on your credit report, it shows the account creation date based on when the account was originally opened, and not when your name was added. That means you also get the benefit of a higher average account age on your report, which can help raise your score. If you were to attempt to raise your score using this method without this process, it could take you years to see the same benefits we can provide in a matter of days or weeks.

Benefits to You

Aside from the increased average age of your credit accounts, which can account for as much as 15 percent of your overall credit score, you also receive the benefit of being associated with a credit card that has an excellent history. This can immediately improve your credit score as soon as the account is added to your credit history.With this simple process, you will see a boost in your credit score in less than 60 days, GUARANTEED.