In 20 minutes, you’ll have a free, no-strings attached plan you can instantly put into action to improve your credit


Hi, I’m Aazim Sharp – Founder and Owner of Leaf Credit Solutions. You may think it’s strange that the owner of the company would take time out of his day to sit with you for a free consultation.

Did you know that it’s illegal for your medical records to be released (sold) to a third party creditor? Yet many hospitals and doctors do this anyways. This is just one of many “easy wins” we have against people treating your credit history unlawfully.

Your consultation is a free, no-strings-attached brainstorming session so I can have a look at your situation, give you some actionable advice, and best inform you on our services if you choose to move forward with us.


It’s a first date. Without the awkwardness

I want to make it extremely clear:

This is no high-pressure sales pitch

That stuff makes my skin crawl. After our talk, it’ll totally be up to you to decide whether you want to stay in your predicament, try to repair your credit yourself using my advice, or hire us to do it for you – thus saving you the time, money, and headache of dealing with corporations (and taking no risk in the matter).

During your consultation, my objection is to awaken you to what your rights are.

First, I’ll review your credit report. We can either pull a free one (though, it’s not the best), you can purchase one that’s really good (only costs about $1), or, if you’re already using any kind of credit monitoring, we’ll use that.

“It pains me to see so many people being duped by these huge institutional creditors. They believe the negative items on their credit report should just be there without question. They have no idea that most of these companies are acting unlawfully in order to profit from them. It’s my job to show them how much power they have against these agencies and to get their credit score back to where it should be so they can live the lives they deserve.”

-Aazim Sharp; Founder and Owner, Leaf Credit Solutions

We’ll look for anything that stands out. Things like: outdated information, duplicate entries (old collections sold and reported from creditor to creditor several times – an illegal action many creditors take against you), incorrect loan mounts, incorrect balances, wrong dates of last activity, etc.

I’ll give you some actionable steps you can immediately take to improve your credit score on your own, and to wrap it up, I’ll offer some ways we at Leaf Credit Solutions can help, but only if you choose to do so.

Ready for your free plan?