Boost Your Score 50+ Points In 30 Days
By Instantly Adding Years of Excellent Pay History!

How It Works

Leaf Credit Repair uses a simple system to help you improve your credit score and credit history. Your name will be added as an Authorized User to select credit card accounts that have a high limit and a low balance. All selected credit cards are guaranteed to have a perfect history of timely payments and no negative remarks.

Once your name has been added, you will receive the benefit of being associated with the selected credit card account. Credit cards in our program are used for the sole purpose of adding clients as Authorized Users, so you are never at risk based on someone else’s spending habits.

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How much will my credit score increase?

Credit score changes vary depending on a number of circumstances. The current state of your credit report will play a large factor, as well as the services you choose to purchase.

While there is no definitive answer regarding the amount of your score will increase, this method works with these three understandings:

  1. Adding more credit cards to your credit report will result in larger initial boosts to your score.
  2. The fewer credit cards that are listed as currently open on your account, the higher the boost can be as credit cards are added to your report.
  3. Credit cards with higher limits and longer account histories will result in larger boosts to your credit score.

Are these Primary or Authorized User Tradelines?

Tradelines come in many varieties. Accounts can be either “seasoned” or “new.” Seasoned tradelines are those with a substantial account history, while new accounts have been recently opened. Comparatively, seasoned accounts have a more positive effect on your score while new credit lines can temporarily lower your credit score until the account matures.

The secondary characteristic of each account involves how the user is listed on the account. Primary users refer to those who are personally managing the account. In contrast, an authorized user is often considered secondary to the primary user. While being an authorized user can be beneficial to your score, it may have less impact that being a primary user.

Previously, a variety of companies advertised the ability to add Seasoned Primary Tradelines to a customer’s credit report. Not only could this provide a significant boost to a person’s credit score, but it could also mislead underwriters regarding the credit worthiness of the individual. Since the practice was considered fraudulent by many law enforcement organizations, many of these companies were ultimately shut down.

For those reasons, does not provide customers with the opportunity to add Seasoned Primary Tradelines. Additionally, does not assist clients in opening New Primary Tradelines, as these can harm your credit score. helps clients by adding Seasoned Authorize User Tradelines. These deliver astonishing boosts to one’s FICO Credit Score, without any of the negative connotations associated with some other options. With Seasoned Authorized User Tradelines, a rise in your credit score is guaranteed.

How long will it take to appear on my credit report?

Our service guarantees that the agreed upon credit card(s) will appear on a minimum of one of your three major credit reports within 60 days from the first expected monthly reporting date. In the majority of cases, the credit card(s) will appear on your credit report within 30 days. In some cases, they will appear within one to two works.

If the credit card(s) fail to appear, you will receive a full refund.

How long does the credit card remain on my credit report?

Primary cardholder contracts require you be listed as an authorized user on the credit card account for no less than 60 days. Based on those agreements, we will guarantee the credit card(s) will remain on your credit report for a period of no less than 60 days. In the event unforeseen circumstances cause the credit card(s) to fall off of your credit report prior to the 60 mark, we will either issue you a pro-rated refund of any service fees based on the number of days the credit card was present on your report, or we will re-add you to the credit card for one additional reporting cycle for no additional cost.

If customers are looking for additional credit score boost after the 60-day lease is complete, your lease can be renewed under the same terms of your original agreement.

What happens after I am removed from the card?

Once your lease has expired, your status as an Authorized User will be removed from the credit card(s). However, most credit card companies tend to leave the account history on your credit report for a period of six months to several years.

The long-lasting benefits of these accounts give you the ability to access more favorable financing and employment options. It will also make it easier to continue improving your credit score over time, though you may be able to continue making improvements while paying lower interest rates than you were previously.

It is important to note that the credit card company may remove the information from your report as soon as you are removed as an authorized user. In that regard, it is often best to avoid procrastinating if you were hoping to qualify for a new line of credit on your own. If your intention is to continue improving your credit score, then the loss of the credit card(s) from your credit report will have a less notable effect on your plans.

Now that my credit score is higher, what do I do?

Now that you have a higher score, you should take a moment to enjoy the feeling. Then, apply for the loan you had your eye on, or apply to the job you wanted. You can even renegotiate the premium of your homeowner’s or auto insurance, or go forward with starting your own business.

But to make an effort to take care of your new credit score. Don’t acquire debt for the sake of spending money. Now is not the time for a meaningless shopping spree on your newly available credit line. While it can be easy to succumb to temptation or fall into old patterns of using credit irresponsibly, by maintaining self-control and making logical decisions, you can become the master of your financial future.

Instead of risking your new credit score, be smart about your actions. Plan ahead for your expenses, and stick to your plan. Treat your new credit score kindly, and you can make the choices that can take your credit score to even newer heights.Remember, good credit customers pay off their ENTIRE balance in full every month. By putting this into practice, you will be repaid with more favorable rates and better financial options for the rest of your life.

Will the bank change my interest rates if and when the Authorized User credit cards fall off my credit report?

Once you finalize a loan with a bank or credit union, the financial institution is contractually bound to honor the terms of that agreement. That means your rate cannot be changed simply because you are no longer an Authorized User on an account as long as the loan processing has been closed. However, if the tradelines fall off of your credit report before the loan has closed, the terms may be changed based on the standard policies of the financial institution to which you applied.