About us

I’m Aazim Sharp, founder of Leaf Credit Solutions. Here’s a quick story that describes why I love helping people fix their credit…

I believe our company is best described through my personal story rather than some uptight corporate mission statement. Here’s how I fell into this industry and why I love brewing that first pot of coffee every morning. 

I started out in the mortgage business. Standing with a young family in a home (that’s well within their financial reach) and seeing their faces light up when they realize, “This is the place,” is incredibly powerful.

…but then to experience the shear heartache after running their credit report and knowing that it’s not going to work out.

Pure. Devastation.

It happened more times than it should have.

These people thought they were doing all the right things. How could their score be so low? (Come to find out later, none of this was their fault – they were just victims of the mistakes of big, sloppy institutions).

I started finding credit repair companies to refer these clients to. I wanted to give them a chance of getting their feet underneath them so they could be handed the keys to their… home.

These credit repair companies were horrible.

A month would go by…Then 3… Then 6…

No follow-up. Nothing. Radio silence.

The family would be left in the dark waiting with bated breath for their repaired credit score. And it wouldn’t happen…

These people would call me every day inquiring about it while they waited. I’d try to call the credit repair company, but would get lost in their phone tree with no one able to help me.

The credit repair companies didn’t get it. Having a lovable home is an essential part of the human experience. But these families, these… living, breathing people, were being deprived of it because of shoddy systems, too-big-to-fail bureaucracies, and scammy credit repair companies who weren’t much better than the bureaus they were supposedly against.

Then came the last straw

I thought I finally found a solid credit repair company. They were pricey, but I was drawn in. I was desperate. So I referred a client to them. This “company” (more aptly named a scam) took $4500 of their hard-earned money… and did nothing.

“Sorry. We can’t help you.” That was the only explanation we got.

This was the tipping point. I felt personally responsible. What were these “credit repair companies” doing? Anything besides collecting money?

The fact that so many clients who crossed my desk had scores far lower than they lawfully should be – with not one solution in sight – was enough to make me realize that if no one else was going to help these people, I would.

I vowed to no longer be in the position of having to count on someone else to help these people.

I was at the library every day for a year. I studied every law book I could get my hands on. I read all the literature I could find about repairing and restoring credit.

I took what I learned and practiced on myself. In no time, I raised my own credit score by 132 points!

Then practiced on family. On friends. On friends of friends. I was on a mission.

And then, I made the ultimate commitment.

The birth of Leaf Credit Solutions

In 2010, I started my company, Leaf Credit Solutions. I was drawing my line in the sand.

Our mission is to be refreshingly different from any other credit repair company out there. To be experts in our field and have our finger on the ever-changing constant pulse of the laws in this area. To be an advocate for our clients and follow their cases to the end of the earth, if need be, until their credit is back to the full, legal, fault-free state that it should be.

These are big words, but I’m pleased to say we’ve done just that.

There’s no question – we live in a credit-driven society. We can hardly do anything without it. By doing what we do, our clients can save more money, get better interest rates, and claim ownership of what rightfully should be theirs.

Nothing makes me more fulfilled in what I do than getting that personal phone call from a client saying that, because of what we’ve done, their family got approved for that home that’s closer to their kid’s school and church. Or for that refinance that is saving them over $400 every month .

This is what excited me. And we look forward to helping more people reach their goal of home ownership.