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Worth every penny! LEAF Credit Solutions Fixed my credit FAST.

– Rodrell G. from New Jersery

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Very professional and helpful. Because of Leaf Credit Solutions, I am finally in a position to purchase my first home. I have been trying to get things right for about 4 years and Leaf Credit Solutions put me on the correct path to rebuilding my credit!

– Fathiyyah from New Jersey

I can’t say enough about the work they have done. I am extremely pleased with them. They are very informative and knowledgeable. They have guided us every step of the way through our process of working with them. My credit scores have increased tremendously. My wife and I have recommendthem to many of our family and friends.

– Paul from New Jersey

I absolutely recommend them. Excellent experience. Wow. I have used Leaf Credit Solutions myself, and I refer them to some of my clients because I’m in the mortgage business. One of my clients had a 484 credit score, and now his score is the highest I have ever seen. He raised it to 787 in a matter of 8 months. Before, he could not afford a house.

– Donald from New Jersey

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My name is Aazim Sharp, and I know exactly how it feels to be run over by the credit system, to be denied the ability to buy a home for my family, and to told by my credit card vendors that my limit has been reduced and my rate has been doubled.

I know the pain of bad credit…

These days, though, my credit is excellent and I’ve managed to achieve quite a bit of success helping literally thousands of people just like you go from bad to excellent credit in just a few short months. But it wasn’t always this way.

Back in 2008 when the housing market crashed, so did my credit. I had several homes that were foreclosed and I couldn’t meet all my expenses. My credit was ruined. I knew I had to repair it in order to put my financial life back together, but frustration was piled upon frustration. I tried a lot of the “common” credit repair tactics, but things only got worse. It looked like I was destined to live with bad credit for the next 7 to 10 years, and I was ready to throw in the towel.

But when I ran out of “common” credit repair tactics I started to study everything I could about how the American credit system works. I read law books; I read the financial news; and I read everything the reporting bureaus produced. As a result, over the last 6 ½ years, I have been able to develop a revolutionary credit repair system that really works.

Now my credit is excellent and I’ve managed to achieve quite a bit of success helping many others go from bad to excellent credit. I have been joined by a team of dedicated credit repair professionals with nearly 30 years combined industry experience. My team and I have used this proven process to remove almost 140,000 negative accounts from thousands of credit reports over the last six years.


For the last 7 years I’ve helped consumers fix their credit so they could qualify for a home loan.

I’ve worked with some of the top companies and helped their clients get approved.
  • wells
  • kw
  • bank
  • weichert
  • better-homes
  • id-bank
  • authar
  • speaker
  • More than 1600 people – Just like you have beeb helped
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    Money Back Guarantee + LifeTime Warranty


    Your credit repair investment with LEAF is protected forever.

    If any item reappears on your credit within your
    lifetime after it was deleted,

    we’ll dispute it again

    for FREE.

    LEAF Credit Repair comes with a


    You risk nothing.

    See results within 60 days or

    you’ll receive a full, hassle-free refund.

    No questions asked.


    Free Report DIY Credit Repair Mistakes

    Warning :

    Credit Repair Scams Abound

    Sometimes a person or an online ad offer a quick fix to your credit problems. But they’ll never tell you about your rights or the penalties and dangers that may occur as a result of the quick fix. A common scam is the so-called “Credit Sweep” with promises to wipe off all the negative accounts from your credit report within 60 days. This is an illegal service.

    Typically scam artists offer their services for a down payment of $1500-$5000. And then they never do anything to repair your credit
    – they may even make it worse!

    Warning :

    Low-Cost Credit Repair Companies
    Cost you MORE

    Low cost credit repair companies cost you more in two ways:
    1. They string you along doing a little here and a little there to keep you paying that monthly fee for 12 months or more
    2. They use the same template letters they’ve used thousands of times before. The credit bureaus can see these form letters from a mile away and they may respond by rejecting your dispute as frivolous.
    3. They often tell you to pay off your collections and charge off accounts. But doing so guarantees that the negative accounts will be on your credit report for 7 years!

    Warning :

    The Cost of Doing Nothing is Even

    Poor credit means
    1. You’ll pay much more in interest and fees, and you’ll need to make large deposits for utilities, rentals, and even credit cards.
    2. Employers may not offer you a job for which you are qualified because you’re viewed as “untrustworthy.”
    3. Your applications for loans, apartment rental, even gym membership can be denied out of hand because you are viewed as “risky.”

    Remember :

    Only LEAF Credit Repair offers you

    1. The 5-Factor Credit Repair and Improvement Program that addresses all five components of your credit score.
    2. A seven year track record of customer credit score improvements, on average, 127 points in 90 days.
    3. A full, no hassle money back guarantee and lifetime warrantee.

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    Do You Still Have Questions?

    There are no items which CAN’T be removed from a credit report. If the negative item isn’t accurate, verifiable, or is outdated then it MUST BE REMOVED from your credit. The plus side is , the credit bureaus, creditors and debt collectors are notorious for errors and keeping sloppy records.
    No two cases are alike, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for L.E.A.F Credit Repair or any other credit repair company to predict a specific time frame. The Credit Repair Organizations Act does prohibit credit repair companies from giving a consumer a definitive date or time period, unfortunately there are companies that will tell an untruth to you just to get your money and risk being fined for violation of the law. Be Wary of any company who guarantees to “wipe your credit clean” in 30 or 60 days. It is illegal for them to guarantee results and impossible for them to predict the outcome. But I can tell you this. Statistically our clients have seen impressive results . They get results within 35 days, see a noticeable change in less than 90 days and typically they complete the service within 6 – 10 months.
    Yes, legally you have the right to work out your own credit issues. But it helps to have knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit and Billing Act. When deciding to repair your own credit , consider the time you must invest following up with the credit bureaus and creditors. Many people choose us because of our experience ,the massive amount of victories we’ve had against the credit bureaus and creditors. A survey we conducted in 2013 with 100 of our clients revealed that 45% of them attempted to repair their own credit before hiring our company.
    You will see results in less than 45 days and a noticeable change within 90 days. On average, clients see a 127 point increase in their credit score within 90 days after signup and more than 76% of negative items deleted in less than 6 months.
    If, after 60 days of service...

    1.You’ve had no items removed from your credit report...

    2.Your credit score has not increased...

    We’ll offer a full refund upon request - no questions asked.
    Get started today by clicking the GET STARTED button and choosing the package that is right for your credit and overall goals Our online signup process is quick, easy and secure.
    We are everywhere! Being a virtual company has it's benefits! On the world wide web our address is www.leafcreditrepair.com and because we are a New Jersey based company our physical mailing address is 10 Willow Rd, Suite 143 Maple Shade NJ 08052. We've worked with clients in more than 5 different continents and over 12 countries. With the help of modern technology like Skype, Gotomeeting and phone calls we can be anywhere in the world at anytime.
    We offer 3 plans. The fees and what's included in each package can be viewed when you click the "Get Started" button



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